Our First Artsy Thursday

Today 18th May 2017 was our first Artsy Thursday.  What an exciting day for our tamariki.  Children went to different activities of their interest and got involved in those activities.

In Room 12, where children are learning about 'crafts around the world' enjoyed making Japanese Fans.

In the first session they designed and coloured  the white paper.  Then they folded the paper like a concertina to make the fan.  They stapled the concertina on one end and spread the other end like a fan.

Every one enjoyed making the fan and learned the skill of designing, colouring, folding paper like a concertina and stapling paper.
Japanese Fan

Designing and colouring paper for the Japanese Fan

                                                           Totally engaged in the activity

We are learning about measurement.  How long does it take to make something?

Riley and William made this long track for the car.  It took a long time to make this long track.  The track has 2 openings for the cars to go in and out.  Such clever kids.  You are doing so well.

Room 12 where learning is taking place

Room 12's new arrivals to school are learning to make towers from smallest to tallest  and are totally engaged in learning new skills of holding a pair of scissors and cutting on the line. 

Roland McDonald was in the hall. Children were excited and learned about Road Safety.